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Cost Challenges


Reducing cost can be one of the ways to increase the bottom line, 

however, heightened pressure on warehouses to increase efficiency and 

improve service levels makes reducing costs a challenge.

TEMPO’s proprietary technology integrates into your existing system and provides real-time inventory data on the floor. Our Vision-based Inventory Management System (VIMS) and Vision-based Audit Management System (VAMS) helps you spot lost inventory, eliminate counting errors, optimize level space, reduce categorization errors and reduce system and floor discrepancy. Complete digital transformation at minimal upfront cost. 


Labor Challenges

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Labor is typically the biggest component of a warehouse’s 

operating costs. And while hourly labor rates for the 

warehouse have been rising consistently, overall productivity 

has remained stagnant.

TEMPO continuously matches floor and system data providing you with a clear picture of your entire warehouse. You staff now does not need to waste time looking for lost stocks, performing counts and walking the endless pathways to manage inventory


Order Fulfilment


Lead time is an important performance metric for warehouse 

operations. It is the length of time between the placing of an 

order and the receipt of the item by the customer. However, 

manual error, system to floor discrepancies and wrongly 

categorized inventory can provide an inaccurate picture of 

demand and skew the forecast.

TEMPO makes sure your data is accurate to provide an accurate forecast and demand analysis. With a clear vision across your warehouse,
order fulfilment is now a breeze with efficient lead times and
minimal staff errors.


Put Away and Picking Challenge

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The warehouse has been experiencing smaller and more 

frequent orders due to the rise of e-commerce, just-in-time 

methods, and initiatives such as efficient consumer response 

(ECR) and quick response (QR).


This transition has necessitated changes in warehousing 

operations, with a move away from full-pallet picking to 

carton and individual-item picks. And because more orders 

are received, the chance for inaccuracy grows each time a 

single order is fulfilled.

TEMPO lets you reduce cost by optimizing inventory layout and performing the right picking strategy according to your type of inventory. These can reduce walking times, utilize space properly, and streamline operations.

Data Sharing

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Multi-premise warehouses make it imperative for companies 

to be able to have a macro view of all its inventory. 

on-centralized and unsecured data often results in slower 

transactions, inefficiencies, and data breach.

VIMS/VAMS is a cloud based software which works on a centralized system which will not only increase warehouse efficiency but also offers efficient inventory management, better tracing and tracking, cost reductions, and faster flow of information.