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IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to have access to quality, experienced technology engineers without having to hire, train, and manage them. This allows your business to focus on your core competencies while reducing costs and delegating non-core business functions to experts.

Help Desk

Our leading help desk support is designed to give retail and distribution industry like yours, a completely bespoke IT support package, that suits your operation. Our helpdesk support function covers the entire United States region providing you with 7 days a week, 364 days a year technical support. When you need us, we’re there!

Server Management

At TEMPO, we manage and maintain solutions throughout their technology life cycle and continue to provide you with all the latest technological developments as and when your retail estate grows and/or changes direction.

Network Management

Network scaling across wired, wireless, and virtual IT environments is challenging, which only becomes more complex with the advent of advanced technologies deployed within the warehouse and retail environment. Technologies such as computer vision, Artificial intelligence and machine learning depend on unfettered network to be able to perform successfully. Our engineers are the creators of patent pending technology and know what is needed to manage them effectively.

Security Management

From security monitoring and alerting to incidence response, disaster recovery and business continuity, TEMPO will work with you to identify the core business processes and create a structured framework that is designed to defend against potentials threats, whether they be financial, technical, social, political, or environmental.

Our specialization allows us to provide our clients with the specific skills and experience required for customized management, project, and technical advisory services. Our team is comprised of senior advisors, 90% of whom have over 20 years of management, project, and technical advisory experience. Furthermore, some of us have been infrastructure and operations executives at major corporations, bringing a comprehensive skill set and experience that can help articulate and define the specific challenges your organization faces.