About Us


We exist to automate and eliminate important, yet simple and repetitive tasks. Thus, allowing leaders to refocus their teams on higher value tasks, thereby increasing enterprise profitability and enabling their teammates to flourish and realize their full human potential. 


To become the world’s leading provider of elegant computer

-vision and AI powered solutions that eliminate inaccuracy

and provide valuable insights throughout the warehouse,

backroom and retail salesfloor.

Removing the Boundaries on what’s possible

TEMPO’s automation solutions are designed to mimic human interactions and perform manual routine business processes that are high volume, repetitive, time critical, rules driven, and prone to human error. By leveraging existing infrastructure, Robotic Process Automation can be implemented and integrated across multiple platforms, without causing disruption to underlying systems.

Most manufacturers, distributors and retailers operate within a tight margin environment and have limited ability to make capital investments. Understanding this, TEMPO designs and sells solutions that require a minimal upfront investment, are quick to implement and have costs that scale only with usage. This means companies operating in highly competitive environment can pursue the same automation strategies used by larger firms without large capital investments.
At TEMPO we help business owners succeed by optimizing efficiency,
making processes easy and profitable. We step in when you are struggling with antiquated business operations but don’t know how to change.

When technology of the future is here, it’s just not fair for your business to still be operating in the past