Making your inventory management flexible, responsive, and efficient

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Effective inventory management is all about knowing what you have, where it’s stocked, and how much you’ll need.

Inventory is money just sitting around in another form, don’t lose sight keep a watchful eye ofon your money with TEMPO’s technology driven computer vision-based inventory management solutions

TEMPO deploys computer- vision and machine learning technology to automatically match the inventory that is on ground with what is in your system. TEMPO’s Artificial Intelligence technology(AI) provides A complete visibility of your inventory levels and helps prevent incidents out of stocks, holes on the shelf and lost sales.

Don’t worry about high implementation costs, our system is designed to integrate into your current camera systems allowing you to begin with minimal capital outlay.

TEMPO’s advanced AI technology helps you track goods and their movement on every rack and in every corner of your premises. Identify empty spaces, spot misplaced items and analyse consumption patterns through a single platform while staying informed in real-time ensuring systematic and timely action.

Complete integration of on ground and in-system inventory makes your organization nimble enough to respond to rapid fluctuations in demand, without compromising on service quality.

With over 20 years of experience in logistics management, TEMPO helps clients streamline their inventory through best-in-class processes and highly efficient tools. Our experts help you plan your inventory better so that you have the right inventory, at the right time, at the right location.

With TEMPO’s advanced insights, you will be able to improve inventory cost accounting, streamline credit management, and enhance cash flow to free up valuable working capital that’s stuck in inventory.