Now Is The Time To Rethink Retail Merchandising

Retail merchandising is an essential tool for positive shopper experiences. Effective merchandising ensures products, pricing, promotions and messages are displayed to the shopper as intended by the brand — hopefully engaging them enough to make a purchase. From product placement on shelves or shopper messaging communicated through marketing materials or special offers, how brands and […]

7 Business Processes to Automate Today

We can probably unanimously agree that we’d all prefer to have fewer tedious tasks on our plate. This is nearly universal across all mid-market companies. In order to do that, we need to implement business process automation (BPA) measures, and that’s where things can get stickier. It’s harder to gain company-wide consensus on the implementation […]

25+ Applications of Computer Vision in Logistics

The use of computer vision in logistics is becoming more and more widespread. Hence, AI vision is an emerging key technology in the field of logistics innovation and intelligent supply chains. Some innovations within categories such as AI visual inspection, analysis, and automated handling systems are leading the way within new technological trends in logistics. […]